rule #1 - about ducky

Donald "Ducky" Mallard is the Medical Examiner on the television series NCIS airing on CBS. He also went through training to become a psyhological profiler and also offers his skills when suspects come in for interrogations or when reviewing files for the team.

He forms friendships with the entire team, feeling like a father figure to them all. This is fitting, as Ducky had never had any children of his own, but has a nurturing way about him.

He is close with his assistant Jimmy Palmer and often gives him advice in career and love. He is also quick to teach in any way he can and offers insight into his position at NCIS and with Agent Gibbs.

He is a long time friend of Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) but hadn't learned of his past until Gibbs was in the hospital with a coma after an explosion. This hurts Ducky deeply, as he thought he and Gibbs were close.

Ducky is wise, caring, and intelligent. He never married and we get a glimpse as to why in a "flashback" episode to when he was young. We also see why he wears bowties. Due to a broken heart, he never made any efforts in love and instead focused on his career and then his mother when she needed care.

In few words I can say that Ducky is a strong character and one to be admired... And one of my favorites.