rule #1 - about jimmy

Jimmy Palmer is the Assistant Medical Examiner on the television series NCIS airing on CBS. Jimmy first appears on the show at the end of Season 1, following the injury of Ducky's prior assitant Gerald. Jimmy Palmer becomes a regular character thereafter.

Over the course of the show's run, Jimmy Palmer grows from a sideline character to a respected and supported member of the NCIS team. Although, there is much banter between the team members, they still share respect and caring relationships.

Jimmy is often caught saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He finds humor in his work and at many times, this is not appropriate, but it keeps him upbeat. He is often intimidated by Gibbs and is often caught with his foot in his mouth in his presence. (As is most everyone...)

Jimmy has come to look upon Ducky as more than a boss and leader, but also a friend and mentor. He often seeks his advice and learns quite a lot from him. Their close friendship leads him to name his daughter after Ducky's mother.

Jimmy is a kind hearted and caring man, who is constantly supportive of his fellow colleagues. He strives to be a better M.E., friend, and person in general. He has doubts about his life and himself, but he overcomes these with help and learns to believe in himself and his abilities. He is a very real character that many can relate to, this makes him one of my favorites.